I'm going to start running... again!

I am NOT a runner. Let's be clear about that. I have struggled with running my whole life, but I will say, every time I get into running (which takes MONTHS) I really start to dig it. I get it. The runners high, the need to run. It's an amazing feeling.

I'm not sure what sparked me today. I literally haven't gone on a run in about 8 months (and that last run, according to Strava was a whopping 1.2 miles, ha!). I think it was a the long break from it that I may have needed. I'm ready to get back into it now and i'm super pumped. Probably even more so than I have been in the past. I think we are always changing who we are in little bits in time. We change what it is we want in our lives, and while a lot of what we want stays the same, sometimes taking a break from something that we love makes you love it so much more when you're ready to bring it back. That's my relationship with running. Truly a love/hate. 

This morning, I just dove in and registered for two "races". I say "races" because i'm SO not racing them. I see them as just a run with a lot of other people! The two runs I've signed up for are a half marathon and a full. The half marathon is on trail, and the full is on pavement. I have to say, I know so many people who love trail running, but i'm SO clumsy there is something about that smooth pavement that I just love. It's probably the fact that there isn't much to trip on, honestly. I find that I can get myself into a good rhythm on pavement, where as on trails, there is a lot more focus on the rocks and ruts. I always run with music, and like that to be my distraction. 

What I use:

  • Garmin Forerunner (I've got to know when I can stop running, DUH)
  • Strava (motivator) Follow me here: https://www.strava.com/athletes/2770846
  • Paid subscription to Spotify (run/dance tunes to bop down the trails to; generally on a 90s throwback station)

I'll probably never really love running the way some people do. I'll probably always grunt and whine about it as i'm getting ready. Running is the one thing that frustrates me, truly challenges me, yet always has me coming back for more. Bring it on, trails (and hopefully a nice booty!).