In May of 2015, we set our hearts and minds out for a climb up Mt. Hood to reach Illumination Rock for sunset. We climbed, we laughed, we watched the sky turn to watercolors, and skied down by moonlight. Here are some of the images we captured along the way.


Although I have lived in Oregon 99% of my life, I have only been on Mt. Hood 2 other times, and never to Illumination Rock. A gorgeous free standing spike of rock that is easily accessible by a short hike from the top of the Palmer lift. We opted for a more challenging route however… a long trek from the base, starting about noon, where the temps were rising, snow was getting increasingly slushy, and little mountain rivers were flowing. There was more dirt than snow for a good majority of the climb, in places where there is normally sufficient snow coverage. I decided that my approach was going to be done in my ski boots, which needless to say, got a little destroyed. It’s all a part of the adventure and journey though!


Sometimes life can feel extremely overwhelming and challenging. Taking time out to pause and enjoy time in a place you love with like minded people is crucial and an essential part of being a happy person. Remind yourself to breathe deeply, and that life is a gift. We need to be more grateful for every day we get to spend here.

Be #stokedandoutside