It is a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning, check your email and see a kind letter written from Kristen Bor of BareFootTheory (, telling you that you have been an inspiration for her and is going to write an article about "9 FEMALE ADVENTURERS ON INSTAGRAM THAT YOU NEED TO FOLLOW".

What blows my mind is that these other women listed, I have been following for a while too, and am so amazed by what they do. And then I read the article about How to Beat Imposter Syndrome by Sheldon Kerr ( A part of her piece talks about “I’ve worked really hard recently not to put women and athletes I admire on a crazy pedestal. Respect, admiration and psyche are really important and motivating. But when you perceive them simply as gods, you discredit the hard work they put in to get where they are.” ... which I have always done, and these ladies are certainly some that I have put on a pedestal. Trying to change that way of thought! :)

Mind. blown. wow. thank you for love. 

Now for an adventure....