Kammok For The Win

I have tried other hammocks out there, and Kammok has certainly made not only the best looking hammocks with the best color options, but the comfort is superior as well. I take me Kammok almost everywhere with me. I have used the hammock in the backcountry as an added blanket for warmth and a nice spot to sit down on even when there is not a place to hand it. They also make a great trail quilt that I frequently bring with me on my adventures. It pairs great with the hammock for that extra layer of warmth. 

The material of the hammock is very strong, and I highly doubt this will ever rip. The Python straps are extremely durable as well with lots of size options for varying lengths that may be needed. It comes designed it's patent-pending Kanga Claw carabiners and the Dyneema Racer Slings. The hammock weighs in at only 24oz so backpacking with it not too noticeable.

This hammock rocks! Go get one! Or all the colors!