DXO One: A Backcountry.com Product Test

A Pocket-Sized Powerhouse of a Camera that Will Change the Game

The DXO one camera is the smallest camera with the highest quality images I have ever seen and used. It uses an iPhone or iPad through as the image viewer through the lightening port. It fits in your pocket, easily! This camera is one I will use with me on all my trips, all the time, for any reason.

Quick facts for photographers that will blow your mind: 20.2 megapixels, F1.8-F11, ISO 100-51200, 3X zoom, shoots in RAW and SUPER RAW, with a 32mm focal length. Yeah. It’s incredible. Oh, and the camera also shoots incredible video! The specs for video are: 1080p: 30fps, Manual 1080p: 30fps, 720p: 120fps.

Let’s talk more about the size. It fits in your pocket, so easily. I had both my phone and the DXO in the same jacket pocket. It’s actual dimensions measure 2.7” x 1.9” x 1” and weighs a mere 3.8 ounces. I have yet to see another camera this small and this powerful.

I have had this camera for about a month now. I have used it for a few hikes, and when looking at the images I was able to capture, I’m really wondering why I would need another big clunky camera lugged around my neck. This camera takes the same quality, or even better images that my DSLR. It does come at a steeper price, when you think of an iPhone attachment camera, but honestly, it’s so worth it. It is incredibly cheaper than a DSLR body and then all the varying lenses.

Who would use this camera? I see this camera being used literally by everyone who takes photos with their phone. There is no reason you can’t carry this tiny camera in your pocket if your phone fits in your pocket… or purse. I used it for close up portraits and for wide angle landscapes. It killed it at both. Taking images straight on the iPhone will never be satisfying, knowing that I can just whip the DXO on 1 second and get far superior images. This camera would be so worth the purchase for hiking, backpacking or anything long distance outdoors, eliminating the need for taking a big + heavy DSLR.

The camera is made really well and strong. It has a handful of features that prevent it from breaking, for example: the lightning port that “sticks out” has an added feature that if bumped, it will still not break, rather, just tuck back into the camera. They really thought about the design of this guy. The shape of it is ideal too. It fits in your hand very comfortably as you hold your phone. The camera also has a tilting feature so your phone and camera can be rotated in different planes (up to 60 degrees). The camera comes with a great little case to protect it while it is not in use as well.

The camera, if using it with the iPhone, requires the use of the DXO app (free), in order to see what you are imaging. The app is wonderful, and really user friendly. All the manual settings can be adjusted on the app, or on the back of the camera in the small touch screen. The app works very similarly to what you would see in your regular iPhone camera app, just with a lot more options over exposure control.

Two thumbs up for this little powerhouse!