KRAVE Jerky - My Newest Obsession

Jerky Jerky: Trail Snack of Choice.

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Last week was my first time eating jerky. Yep, i’m a 31 year old weirdo. I don't eat pork or beef, and if I eat turkey or chicken, it’s generally in very small quantities. I have just never been a carnivore devourer, but KRAVE Jerky may have just changed all of that.

Generally, when a friend brings along “jerky” on trips and onto the trails, I assume it’s beef and pass it. I actually had no idea that companies were making turkey and chicken jerky! When I discovered that KRAVE was making several different seasoned varieties I was really excited to give it a try.

Tyler and I took the jerky to the high alpine trails to compliment our dehydrated food for 4 days in eastern Oregon. Being a somewhat picky of an eater, I generally stick to the bagged dehydrated meals and some bars, but those get really old really quickly. By the end of my trips, my stomach is upset and I feel nutritionally depleted. I also have a hard time keeping my energy levels up throughout my adventures when I am sweating and working hard and not taking in enough protein. This time was different. I was devouring the jerky and constantly stuffing my face. I couldn't get enough of it. I felt strong and my stomach was happy, day in and day out. Even after the trip, I find that snacking on jerky throughout the day is keeping my energy up and my brain more alert. Big, BIG fan.


  • Lightweight which is great for backpacking - can smoosh it in any and every pocket and it’s doesn't affect it whatsoever.

  • Packed with protein, low in fat and calories

  • Very tasty & there are many choices for flavors

  • Easily digestible and satisfies the hypoglycemic crashes I often get while exerting myself

  • Chewable without being tough

Favorite flavor? It’s a toss up between Basil Citrus Turkey or Lemon Garlic Turkey. That Honey Habanero though… gotta love a good spicy kick. 


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